We build log houses from dry standing pine "KELO"


Thanks to the natural long-term process, in harsh conditions, drying out at the root, the tree acquires hardness and resistance to environmental conditions.

Efficient and Ecological

Regardless of the weather outside, indoors you'll always have a favorable climate and a unique texture with light pine aroma will create an atmosphere of calm and comfort.

"KELO" pine

Karelian dry standing pine is a unique and ideal material for the construction of eco-friendly log houses. Since dry standing pine is a dead tree, dried on the vine for several hundred years in natural conditions, it forms a dense wooden structure, and does not need further chemical processing. The Karelian pine is not subject to shrinkage, decay, does not crack, therefore its service life is unlimited.

Our Services

House construction

We carry out the construction of the house according to Scandinavian technology, which is very well owned by our specialists. We are engaged in all stages of the construction of the house, from the foundation, to the roof, and interior work. At the end of all work, the house is ready to move in. We guarantee our customers quality and comfort.

Each project includes:

  • House construction
  • Architectural design
  • Production and Delivery
  • Engineering works
  • Finishing work
  • Our logs is over 150 years
  • 15 years warranty on the structure
  • Production from 3 months
  • Ready to move in

House construction Stages

  • First encounter and design

    Forming technical task, sign the agreement and developing architectural project
  • Production and delivery

    Manufacturing all the logs ready for assembly and delivering to the construction site
  • Installation, finishing & move in

    Foundation, roof, utilities and finishing works

Consult a construction expert

Do you have questions about the house or would like to consult about your next project? We'd be happy to answer all your questions!

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